happy turkey day! i didn’t participate in 30 days of thankful for the month of november  so i thought i would list out a few things i am thankful for to celebrate thanksgiving.

//our sometimes creaky hardwood floors//

//sadie’s furry rabbit feet//

//technology that makes being across the country seem not so far away//

//rubber shoes//

//my husband’s endless patience, optimism, & love//

//sunday night dinners with my 90 year-old grandmother//

//amazon prime//

//handwritten letters & notes//

//beautiful, fresh produce//

//the bus drivers that navigate thru my commute each day so i don’t have to//

//my friends & family – near & far//

//our electric blanket//

//two incomes//

//health insurance//

//the best niece & nephews on the planet//

//our neighbors//

//our little house that is already full of charm//

//creative outlets – blog, projects//

//crock pot dinners//

//instant oatmeal//

//catching up with old friends//

//date nights//

//the ability to travel//

//college football//

//my education//

//no voc paint//

//the virtually endless storage in our basement//

//random acts of kindness//

//my marriage//

//inspiring blogs//


what are you thankful for this year?


2 thoughts on “#thankful.

  1. Hi Aaron and Misha,
    Just wanted to tell you what a great job you are doing and have been doing with your house. Misha you are so talented and crafty!!! Love all of your Christmas decor. Love your new blinds and the color of your bathroom too. Your living room looks so cozy and Christmasy and Sadie looks so comfey like she is thoroughly enjoying it! Hope you two have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! We love you MUCH!

    • thank you diane, that is so sweet! we have had so much fun with the house, especially for the holidays. it is fun to decorate for christmas & for longer term. love you guys & wish we were going to see you next week. xo

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