my weekend in pictures.


{turns out sadie likes to cruise the kitchen counters while we are gone & chew on the plastic lid to our pyrex dish. #mydogisaninja}


{the perfect saturday night.}


{spent saturday afternoon at lowe’s getting paint for our projects this week. we also got christmas lights. so stoked for this week!}


{sadie is still enjoying the huge bone she got for her birthday.}


{watching the stanford cardinal beat the oregon ducks was glorious! #gostanford}


{enjoying the christmas décor at starbucks as i waited for my gingerbread latte. #isitchristmasyet}


{we had a photoshoot at the house on sunday to film an interview for our realtor about the house. those cameras were pretty legit.}


{aaron started prepping for the big paint job on our bedroom this week by taking off our closet doors. it proved to be a bit of a challenge, but success! #whydidtheypaintthedoorhinges}

our weekend was busy, busy with lots of errands to run. we prepped for our big painting weekend this coming week & are looking forward to some time together to work on the house. how was your weekend?


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