thirty before i am thirty.

the weekend before last – when we were in indiana – i was able to check another item off my thirty before thirty list thanks to our friend colt!

number twenty-eight: attend an NLF game. i always assumed that the nfl game i would attend would be a seahawks game, given that they play roughly eight games per season in the city i call home. obviously i haven’t made it down to a game in the almost seven years i have lived here. i digress. when we got to colt’s house on friday night, he surprised us with tickets to the colts game that up-coming sunday. to say that we were surprised would be an understatement. aaron is an avid colts fan, being from indiana & all, but had never seen them play at lucas oil field, & obviously attending a game was high on my list. we got to tailgate outside the stadium before the game started, & once inside at our seats, we experienced what a fun stadium lucas oil is. the roof was open to let in the sun & the crowd was great. the colts ended up losing a close game at the last minute, but it was still fun to be there cheering them on in person!


go colts!

have you been to an nfl game this season?


One thought on “thirty before i am thirty.

  1. Yes, I’ve been to an NFL game this season…the same one you were at! And I could have probably thrown a football and hit you. So crazy! Bummed we missed each other!

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