my long weekend in pictures: indiana edition.

we left last thursday for a long weekend in the midwest to spend time with aaron’s family.


{waiting for the bus to take us downtown to catch the lightrail to the airport. #myhusbandlovespublictransit}


{hers & his lattes.}


{look at all of that leg room! glad we upgraded our flight.}


{we got to meet beau, my in-laws’ new dog.}


{we stayed with aaron’s friend colt, his girlfriend erin, & gertie the bulldog. i spent friday night cuddling with gertie.}


{i finally got to meet kenley! she is the daughter of kendra – aaron’s cousin – & such a doll!}


{teddy – aaron’s nephew – is already a slugger. let’s go 6-7!}


{aaron’s grandfather neal with aaron’s nephews teddy & frankie.}


{we crashed a wedding reception on saturday night. a cousin of a cousin is family, right? congratulations logan & vanessa!}


{me, kenley & kendra hanging out. finally!}


{um, 43 degrees indiana? definitely not ready for the cold yet.}


{we spent sunday morning tailgating at the colts game with colt & his family.}




{it was a bit sunny with the roof open at lucas oil field, but aaron made do.}


{the tomatoes at colt & erin’s makes me want my own veggie garden. someday.}


{waiting for our plane to take us back to seattle.}


{the beautiful sunset somewhere between indy & seattle.}

we had so much fun catching up with family & friends – thanks for having us indiana! aaron has quite a large family, most of whom still live in indiana, so we get spoiled whenever we go because we get to see so many people. we also got spoiled this time & got a chance to see family that flew in from out of town – thanks for making the last minute trip kendra & kenley! thanks to everyone for such a fun weekend!

how was your weekend?


3 thoughts on “my long weekend in pictures: indiana edition.

  1. Um…so mom and I were totally at the game and from the looks of it sitting so close to where you were it is amazing we didn’t run into you. Darn the luck!!! Looks like you had a fun trip though!

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