fashion friday.

i have been thinking about doing a fashion feature for a while, but many things have kept me from doing it. then, i decided that i should at least give it a try & see how it goes.

i am going to shoot for at least one outfit a week & then do one post on fridays with as many outfits as i remember to take photos of (or are worth sharing). best case these posts will incentivize me to dress cute at least once a week & worst case i stop doing a fashion post.

photo 1

{shirt: j.crew // skirt: j.crew // shoes: steve madden // watch: dkny (nordstrom)}


{necklaces: kate spade // nordstrom // h&m}

also, i know iPhone pictures aren’t the best, but it seems like a lot of work to get out the big camera. plus, then i would have to recruit a photographer!

amateur fashion posts (i.e., not on a fashion blog) – love or hate?


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