my long weekend in pictures.


{ben, sarah, sam, diane, cal, aaron & i went wine tasting in woodinville on saturday.}


{posing with the pig at project v – a vodka distillery.}


{we stopped at woodinville’s warehouse district where many of the vineyards in eastern washington set up tasting rooms. there were lots!}


{190 proof vodka. i was more interested in that beautiful demi john it was in.}


{the moon was awesome this weekend. this was taken saturday night.}


{we have grapes growing over the fence from the neighbor’s yard.}


{we are bird-sitting this week for ben & sarah. welcome hamachi & azul!}


{sadie surveying while aaron & i did some yard work on sunday.}


{another free giveaway on craigslist. we use craigslist to get rid of so much: cardboard boxes, old TVs, old furniture, etc. this is also a hint for a post later this week.}


{a dessert smorgasbord from menchie’s at the u village.}


{aaron is embracing the trend of fascinators.}


{aaron installed a dual-flush handle on our toilet this weekend. i hope this helps keep our water bill low!}


{i got some framed pictures ready to go for my desk at work: an instagram of sadie, & aaron & me at a wedding this summer.}


{yummy chocolate from theo’s.}


{chocolate covered fortune cookie? yes, please? also, i am taking that fortune as a sign that i need to get back into some crafting projects that are on the back-burner.}


{yummy dinner at snappy dragon to start the week. we sat at the jiao zi bar & enjoyed lots of yummy dumplings.}

we had a lot on our plates this weekend & are thankful it was a long one! aaron’s parents were here until sunday morning & there was so much to do in the yard & around the house. i am bummed that the weekend is already over (it was so nice to sleep in & hang out with aaron & sadie), but the forecast is shaping up to give us at least another week of summer-like weather, so i can’t complain too much. how was your long weekend?


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