thirty before i am thirty.

i haven’t been able to check off anything from my thirty before i am thirty list recently which has been a bit of a bummer. obviously i have a few more years before i am thirty to get the list completed, but it is such a great feeling to put a little check next to one of those items.

just last week, however, i was able to check off a big item & i wanted to share in case you hadn’t heard the great news!

number three: get a grown-up job.  many of you know that in lieu of entering the workforce right out of college, i applied to law school & joined americorp for a service year. i graduated from law school last spring & sat for the bar that july, but have been looking for work since last fall. since i had essentially been in school my entire life (well, since age 5), i really hadn’t had a real job. that is until now! the week before last i was offered a job after two rounds of interviews, & obviously i accepted. i am an account manager of media licenses at a large software company (you could probably guess!) & will be managing non-standard media licenses for big clients from pre-license thru the life of the license. i know it may sound boring to some, but it is right up my alley with all of the contracts & compliance that is involved (yay for using my law degree!). while i have not even worked a week, i am enjoying the role & really like my team. it has been a bit of a change for me to be gone from the house all day, like we had to hire a dog walker to come walk sadie & let her out during the day, but it is wonderful that aaron & i both have great jobs! {does this make us yuppies?}


{my first day of work}

are you keeping a list of things to do in life?


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