the big kitchen reveal.

this is the post that you have all been waiting for: the big reveal!

i have shown you the kitchen updates in pieces, but it looks so great when its all put together.

in case you missed the updates, here are links: painting cabinets, painting backsplash tile, painting counter, & roman shade.



{a reminder of where we came from.}

{sorry in advance for the dark pictures. when we had lots of sun in seattle, the kitchen was still a mess. naturally, as soon as i was ready to take pictures, the rain came.}










crazy, huh? it is amazing what a couple of coats (okay, a lot of coats) of paint can do to a space. when we first bought the house, we thought we would have to eventually gut & remodel the entire kitchen (including taking out the pantry). but, after seeing it, i think we may be able to replace the countertops & the appliances. {sidenote: i didn’t like the appliances when we first moved in, but come to find out, older appliances work amazingly! despite not getting consistent temperatures in our oven, i can get boiling water in two minutes!} also, we are thinking of eventually replacing our kitchen table with a kitchen island (since we have a table out in our dining room).

i also added a bit of art to our kitchen walls. i really loved the idea of framing vintage flashcards into sayings {see here} but i was too lazy (& cheap!) to find all the flashcards i would have needed. so, i decided to diy it. i also couldn’t find red frames either, so i diy-ed those too by spray painting white target frames red.

to make the flashcards, i just typed out the phrases i wanted, printed them out on resume paper, cut into long rectangles, & rounded the corners. then i glued the “flashcards” onto white cardstock.



i would love to hear your thoughts about our new kitchen. is your mind blown? (mine is.) it doesn’t even look like the same room. i can’t believe it every time i walk into the kitchen. it is so much more light & airy.

i still need to add some more color back in, as well as find new kitchen lights (aaron & i both hate the track lights that are currently in there). future plans: globe pendant lights, brightly colored rug(s), fresh flowers, colorful trivet.

what have you updated lately? have you ever thought of painting your kitchen?


13 thoughts on “the big kitchen reveal.

  1. I think I hear angels singing…I totally second the old appliance thing! I was like “gross–that stove!” and now he and I are old friends. You guys are doing a lovely job!

  2. Holy cow! The kitchen looks amazing! It’s crazy what a little (or a lot) of paint will do. The fabric of your shade pops and looks awesome. I’m very impressed!

  3. A-mazing! Way to have a vision and execute it.

    And, yes, about the old appliances. I love my old washer and dryer so much that I’m contemplating taking them with us whenever we find a new place.

  4. Misha it looks sooooooo good! I love it! Especially the color of the counter tops and bottom cupboards. I will be referencing this someday when I’m redoing my future non-existent-as-of-this-moment kitchen 🙂

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    • Jenny – the countertops are holding up well just over a year later. There are some places on the edge of the counter that are getting banged up – like above our utensil drawer – and the old pink is showing thru. We have been really good about not putting anything hot or wet on the counter as that seems to wear thru the paint. I would definitely recommend this paint upgrade if new counters aren’t in your future. Thanks for reading! Misha

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