my weekend in pictures.


{sadie surveying her domain.}


{sadie did not like the thunder & lightning storm we had on friday. she spent most of the morning hugging my arm.}


{without power nearly all day on friday. boo.}


{did a.m. yoga on the laptop. very old school.}


{visited sascha at café vita in queen anne & enjoyed some very delicious coffee!}


{sadie took a snooze at ace hardware. home depot is actually her favorite store because they serve popcorn – which inevitably gets all over the floor – but ace does have dog treats.}


{stare down between sadie & the neighbor cat. aaron had to break it up.}


{downloading music & audiobooks for my drive to idaho on monday. yep, that iPod is a relic.}


{nap time at the lower house on sunday afternoon. aaron had the right idea sleeping with his hat on his face; i should have closed that curtain.}


{beautiful hydrangeas on a neighborhood walk sunday evening.}

we had a pretty lazy weekend & got a few things done around the house, but mostly we just hung out & relaxed. how was your weekend?


2 thoughts on “my weekend in pictures.

    • i know, can you believe it? my iPhone doesn’t work with the radio adapter that i have for the car, so my old iPod is the only thing that works. it is crazy to see the difference between mine and the new ones!

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