my weekend in pictures.


{stocking up for the housewarming party at TJ’s.}


{ironing all six 109” long panels. so worth it! pics will be up on the blog soon.}


{measurements for curtain hanging.}


{friday was actually warm  – not to be confused with hot! – enough to wear a maxi dress & sit on the back porch.}


{shared dessert with aaron from pies & pints.}


{drink & food spread for the par-tay. we also had crepes that were ah-maze-ing!}




{this is how sadie holds my hand. interlocking forearms.}


{sunday night dinner at boom noodle with my grandmother.}


{we wanted to see moonrise kingdom but it was sold out. the next movie showing was that’s my boy. i knew it was going to be bad, but it was way worse than i thought it could possibly be. i had more faith in leighton meester. oh well! i think some of the upcoming summer blockbusters will make up for this one.}

we got to catch up with a few old friends & show-off our house – so fun! how was your weekend?


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