thirty before i am thirty.

i have managed to check a few more things off of my thirty before i am thirty list.

number one. buy a house. {obviously you know this one was checked off two months ago!} on april 28, 2012, aaron & i bought our first house! see the big announcement here.


number fifteen. wear red lipstick (not on halloween). i have always thought red lipstick was so chic, but i didn’t think i could pull it off. i even bought a tube of red lipstick months ago thinking that i would finally be able to talk myself into it, but i didn’t budge. i wanted this list to be a way for me to push myself a bit. to do the things i really wanted to do but never had the courage. this is such a perfect example of a boundary-pushing to-do. last night i took aaron to the dia frampton concert. it was a fun date night, so i decided why not.

red lipstick

{lip color: revlon lip butter in cherry tart.}

do you keep a running to do list? what are your to dos?


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