my weekend in pictures: moving edition.


{boxes ready to move!}


{the desk at the escrow office where we signed our names about 67,888 times, approximately.}


{the key to our house!}


{sadie pretty much wants to be near someone (me) all the time. and preferably also touching.}


{uhaul for the move.}


{our rhodie is bloomin’ in the backyard. it is so gorgeous!}


{sadie staking out her yard.}


{happy, happy birthday to my dear friend sascha! sorry we couldn’t stay for karaoke & dancing.}


{thanks dave for expertly packing our uhaul!}


{first dinner at the new house was chicken mole at the local mexican restaurant.}


{we lost some of the bed hardware during the move & “camped out” on the living room floor with the mattress. aaron & i hated it. sadie LOVED it!}


{one of may boxes we unpacked this weekend!}


{i couldn’t find the coffeemaker, so made coffee with the french press. also, a sneak peak at our awesome kitchen tile.}


{we took our first of many, many trips to lowe’s.}


{unpacked the cookies to put in the cookie jar. you can see where my priorities were when unpacking the kitchen!}

well, after a few trips back & forth to the new house & lots of help from our local family & friends, we are officially in our new house (as of saturday evening!) we want to give a big (huge) shout-out to everyone who stopped by to help: ben & sarah, dave, marcus, andy & hailey, nick & jerry!

the house is still a mess (that’s an understatement, for sure), but i am hoping to post pictures of the (pre-moved into) house sometime this week for all of you that are hankering to finally see it.

how was your weekend?


4 thoughts on “my weekend in pictures: moving edition.

  1. I loooooooove your house!! So adorable. Tell me moving isn’t as bad as I think? I’m basically DREADING it come late summer…a necessary evil of course. Maybe we’ll end up in the Seattle area!

    • thanks kami! moving wasn’t awful, but it definitely isn’t fun. since you know you will be moving, just really be organized as much as possible. hindsight is 20/20 and there are so many things that i am thinking of now that i wish i would have done to make the move easier! (i think i am going to do a post about it in the coming weeks)

      i hope you guys end up in the seattle area – it is so wonderful up here! definitely let me know if you will be up here visiting at all (or moving!), i would love to see you guys.

      best of luck!

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