and we’re homeowners.

we are closing on the house today! hooray!

lots & lots of paperwork, time (and money!) goes into transferring a house from the seller to the buyer. {sidenote: i can’t figure out why we would need so many papers with our signatures!}

but, here we are on the flipside & are starting our journey as homeowners!


{our 1908 craftsman house}

we are moving today & tomorrow (yuck!) but will be posting more pictures soon (in posts & on the blog page aptly named house tour). we have lots of ideas (big & small) for future house projects that we can’t wait to share, but for now, we are still getting used to being homeowners!

any advice on homeownership?

M & A

2 thoughts on “and we’re homeowners.

  1. YAY! SO, so, SO excited for you two! Can’t wait to see pictures along the way and all the upcoming DIY projects that I’m sure are looming in your brain! Congrats!

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