my weekend in pictures.


{waiting to leave for the airport to pick up aaron consisted of fuzzy blankets, new spring catalogs & doggie snuggles.}


{a german dinner at die bierstube for a friend’s birthday.}


{yes, that is aaron drinking beer out of a giant glass boot. classy.}


{the weekend was filled with lots of walks in the rain. wellies were a must!}


{despite our best efforts, we did not become multi-millionaires this weekend. bummer.}


{date night at chipotle!}


{sunday brunch on the kirkland waterfront.}


{i finally framed my bar passage letter .}


{aaron made bubble tea on sunday  night.}

how was your weekend? any april fool’s day jokes?


3 thoughts on “my weekend in pictures.

  1. We definitely own one of those giant glass boots and occasionally pass it around at parties and make people drink out of it. Glad you finally framed your letter!! So exciting! 🙂

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