my weekend in pictures.


{sadie loves cats. even though i think she is completely scared of them.}


{a scrumptious dinner at lunchbox laboratory.}


{typical night at our house this weekend: aaron playing xbox, misha & sadie cuddling on the couch reading the hunger games.}


{an awesome coke machine. vanilla root beer? yes please!}


{an entire box of red vines for me!}


{we saw this means war. better than i thought it would be!}


{the beautiful chihuly glass at lincoln square.}


{sunday brunch: filled pancakes. yep, those are hershey kisses in the middle row.}


{sadie waiting to go on a car ride.}


{pre-bought our tickets to see the hunger games when it comes out. movies are the best on the IMAX!}


{aaron & sadie stop to pose in front of the space needle.}


{our newest kitchen addition: a dutch oven. now, where to store it?}


{aaron had a minor oral surgery last week & everything is healed up! all done with the antibiotics & stitches out tomorrow.}


{enjoying tea & the hunger games. sidenote: do you see a pattern here? i know, i am obsessed. i really didn’t pay attention to the hunger games at all until earlier this week. now i haven’t been able to put down my kindle until i am thru the third book!}


{my grandmother wanted to throw away this beautiful ceramic stool. so glad we were there to take it off her hands!}

ugh. that is all i have to say about daylight saving time. you would think the one hour time change wouldn’t have that much effect, but it sure has – slept in late sunday, went to bed late sunday & could barely get up this morning… you would think i had completely changed time zones & was jet-lagged. nope, still in seattle & trying to figure out why in the world daylight saving time makes sense. at all. anyone?

i have to share a joke that i was recently re-introduced to as it captures my thoughts on the time change perfectly: when told the reason for daylight saving time change the Old Native American said, “Only the government would believe that you could cut a foot off the top of a blanket, sew it to the bottom, and have a longer blanket.”

how was your weekend?


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