a visit to new england: boston.

{there are lots of photos so i thought it would be best to share the trip over a couple of posts.}

aaron and i had a chance to visit new england last week as a way to celebrate valentine’s day, my birthday, & to get away just the two of us. while it may not have been the best time to travel (um, winter), we only had a few days of really, really cold (thanks beantown!).

we flew in & out of boston on a direct flight via jetblue & it really lived up to the rave reviews: first checked bag free, nice flight attendants & in-seat tvs. {sidenote: aaron & i both watched in time on the flight home & it was really good. i had never heard of it before but if you haven’t seen it, definitely put it in your netflix queue.}

we took the T out to the sam adam’s brewery tour almost as soon as we landed. {this was aaron’s favorite part of the trip; me, not so much.} then we took the party trolley to doyle’s & dined on the best reuben sammie & clam chowder that boston had to offer.


our hotel {the omni parker house} was right on the freedom trial, across the street from the old city hall & just a few short blocks from the boston common. we were able to walk or take the T everywhere we wanted to go, it was fantastic!


even though the red sox were in florida for spring training, we couldn’t miss an opportunity to visit fenway park. it was great to hear the tour & learn about all of the secrets of the old park – it is actually bigger than when i was last here! we got to sit out in the green monster seats – very hard to get tickets for as there is a lottery system each season – & up in the press box – the biggest in the MLB.


while we were strolling around the common, we also visited the granary burying grounds where we paid our respects to mother goose, samuel adams & paul revere.


we also took the T out to cambridge & visited harvard university.


that wraps up our time in boston! stay tuned as i will be posting pics from the rest of our trip.

have you ever been to beantown?


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