my weekend in pictures.

sorry for the delay in posting today, the busy weekend overflowed into my monday!


{gummy calcium supplements, yes please!}


{i tried out a fishtail braid in my hair.}


{aaron brought me breakfast in bed on saturday!}


{there are beautiful spring bulbs blooming all over our neighborhood!}


{sadie was enjoying a bit of sun & fresh air. she is eagerly waiting for the weather to be warm enough that we can leave the car window open all the time.}


{we went to matt’s for one half of dinner & a movie.}


{the oysters on the half shell were delish!}


{we saw the artist. i really enjoyed it – the costumes were fantastic! can i just wear 20’s fashion all the time? have you seen it?}


{eleven eleven – make a wish!}


{brunch at the barking frog in woodinville.}


{fresh dungeness crab was one half of sunday night reef & beef dinner.}

my mom was in town visiting this weekend so it was fun to catch up & hang out with her. aaron started feeling sick late saturday, but is on the mend. how was your weekend?


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