las vegas: the wedding.

aaron’s cousin scott & his then-fiance kelly invited all of the family out to las vegas the week before christmas to attend their nuptials. we have been trying to split christmases between our families every other year, but tickets to indy were pretty expensive (plus renting a car, boarding sadie, etc.) so we decided to spend this year’s christmas in idaho & make the quick trip to vegas (where we knew we would see a little of aaron’s family).

the wedding was on december 21st and took place at the chapel in the clouds which is 103 stories above the strip at the top of the stratosphere hotel. the actual ceremony took place in a beautiful little room where we watched the sunset over the vegas desert, witnessed scott & kelly tie the knot & waved to the webcam that was streaming the wedding for those who couldn’t attend.

 {my in-laws: diane & sam}
 {the groom before the ceremony}
 {the groom & mother of the groom, susan}
 {the groom waiting for his bride – cue the tears!}
{the bride & father of the bride}
{the first kiss}
{aaron & me. sidenote: the height difference here is not normal because normally i don’t stomp around in 6 inch heels. yep that’s me at 5′ 9″.}
{love is in the air}
{the bride’s family}

following the nuptials there was a dinner reception where the food & company were wonderful. it was a pretty small group, so everyone got a good view of the head table where scott & kelly were made to kiss every time someone clinked on a glass. they kissed. a lot.

{the happy couple}

a little bit of dancing took place at the end: kelly danced with her dad, scott danced with his mom & kelly & scott shared their first dance. the reception wrapped up with some “we are family” & brake dancing.

{bride & father dance}
{groom & mother dance}

since the night was still young & we were at the stratosphere, some of the boys in the family decided they needed a turn on the big shot (the ride on the needle of the stratosphere). all of the boys made it on the ride with a little liquid courage & there were no shoes or meals lost on the ride (phew!).

{the boys pre-launch}
{take off!}
{at the top of the big shot}

the wedding was so beautiful & i am so glad that aaron & i were able to help celebrate the marriage of scott & kelly. cheers to the new bride & groom!

have you ever been to a vegas wedding?

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