my weekend in pictures: christmas edition.

 {the christmas tree at my parent’s house}
 {bentley the beagle on his favorite spot on the stairs}
 {and the stockings were hung by the chimney with care}
 {white elephant gift exchange on christmas eve with family & friends}
{my sister-in-law decorates the mounts with christmas bulbs} 

 {skeeter lounging on the couch}
{some holiday baking} 

 {say “cheese!”}
 {the christmas dinner table}
 {my christmas place setting}
 {aaron got a blister from cutting butternut squash}
 {yum, that’s a good looking turkey}
 {it is amazing how attentive the dogs are when there’s turkey around}
 {sadie loved her christmas pheasant. thanks auntie kelly & uncle jason!}
 {skeeter in her new christmas scarf}
 {our little family curled up on the couch watching some football}
 {aaron & me with the christmas tree}
{the whole family (minus a few)}

how was your christmas weekend?

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