my weekend in pictures.

{oysters on the halfshell at mccormick & schmick’s} 
{packing for vegas & id-de-ho} 
{making a cup of tea} 

(my husband makes a mean breakfast burrito} 

{santa in his helicopter} 

{loving all of the christmas cards on the mantle} 

{sadie got her christmas present early} 

{soup & sammie at specialty’s in the u village} 

{new issue of vogue} 

{i am a poultra-pesca-tarian meaning i am a vegetarian who eats chicken & fish. i also eat bacon & the ocassional rib.} 

{my grandmother with an enormous piece of carrrot cake} 

{on the road! idaho, here we come!} 

{i found a mustache on the ground at the rest stop} 

{aaron & sadie in yakima} 

{sadie & me stretching our legs} 

{that sign says “welcome to oregon”} 

{getting onto I-84 straight to idaho!} 

{we had teeny snow flurries in the blue mountains} 

{sadie was in the car & aaron had locked me out} 

{we nearly ran out of gas} 

{thank you durkee, OR for having a gas station!} 

{sadie enjoyed having her bed on the car trip} 

{a pretty sky}

{christmas lights at my parent’s house} 

{my parents got a puppy. meet skeeter!} 
how was your weekend? are you heading home for the holidays?

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