my weekend in pictures.

 {scratch & dent sale at miir!}

 {ratatouille crepe at la cote down the street}

{lunch at top pot!} 
{veggie burger with bacon at counter burger in ballard} 

{this is the result of major separation anxiety – any ideas?} 

{beautiful tulips from my mom!} 

 {our new philip mccracken piece. now, where to put it?}

 {a sunday morning stroll to madison park – i love being within walking distance!}
{sunday morning coffee run} 
 {Did you try a cupcake yet? – we have a new cupcake bakery down the block}

{bath time!} 

 {tis the season at target!}

{our “new” rugs. this used to be an 8×11 rug which we bought pre-dog, but post-dog it got trashed so we salvaged two pieces to keep our feet toasty when we wake up!}
 i had a million things on my to-do list since this was our last full weekend before we leave for the holidays.
how was your weekend?

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