o christmas tree!

we got our christmas tree this weekend! normally i wouldn’t have rushed out to get a tree right after thanksgiving, but since we are headed out of town for the holiday, i wanted to ensure we had some quality time with the tree. 
{sidenote: i begged aaron for a christmas tree the weekend before last so we drove out to a little tree farm in woodinville – like 30 minutes away – where we bought our christmas tree last year. they have hot cider and this awesome tree shaker – it is really an experience! the tree farm, however, was closed. yep, no trees before thanksgiving. so we turned back around empty-handed. sad.}
we ended up buying our tree from a little lot near our house (i couldn’t bear the thought of driving all the way out to woodinville to be possibly rejected a second time!) and got a little douglas fur that was cut down in bremerton (pretty close to seattle). 
{teeny christmas trees can fit in the back of cars. sidenote: those big scratches and dents are being fixed as we speak!}
{the tree and i were standing on a slope, but it still is really teeny. sidenote: i got this coat from anthropologie a few weekends ago when they were basically giving it away – $200 off! i thought i recognized it in the store, but thought it was just because i had been wanting it for a few weeks. then i realized its the same jacket taza wears.}
 {we don’t have an angel or a star for a tree topper, so i have been using a ribbon for the past two years.}

 {our little christmas tree. i am thinking of adding red ribbon all around the tree – thoughts?}

{this was our first family ornament from last year. awww…}
{all lit up!}
do you have your christmas tree yet?

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