seattle restaurant week.

though i have fully enjoyed what seattle restaurant week had to offer this fall, i am sad to see it come to an end. next spring seems too long a time to wait for such a wonderful way to enjoy the restaurants this city has to offer. for those of you not in the know, seattle restaurant week is two weeks (minus the weekend in-between) twice a year (fall and spring) where restaurants all over the city offer special lunch and dinner menus at really affordable prices – 3 courses for $28 (dinner) and 3 courses for $15 (lunch). 

whenever restaurant week comes around, we always have to limit ourselves ahead of time and usually choose two new places to dine. my husband was so sweet this year and surprised me with reservations at two new restaurants so that we would have a date night on each tuesday. we got really lucky this fall and also ended up at three other restaurants over the last two weeks with family and friends, so we really got to enjoy restaurant week five times!
i would highly recommend all of the restaurants we chowed down at this week. my fav is a tie between cantinetta and the tin table – both were delish!

the fifth restaurant we visited was the keg in factoria. i didn’t get a chance to take a picture as (1) we didn’t even realize the keg was participating in seattle restaurant week until we got there, and (2) we were in a rush because we were trying to catch a movie. 
you should check it out if you live here, or if you just happen to be visiting seattle during the right week, as it is such a great chance to enjoy amazing food and often at a fraction of the price of the regular menu.

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