maroon 5 & train on tour

a few weeks ago (actually a month ago tomorrow) aaron (my husband) and i got to see maroon 5 and train in concert. even though the venue wasn’t really in seattle (it was a bit south of here in renton) and it took forever to get home fighting traffic, it was totally worth it! we have both been followers of maroon 5 since their first album “songs about jane” released in the early 2000s, and actually the band was one of the things we had in common when we first met (that’s another story for another day). as for train, well, they have been around for years (“drops of jupiter” anyone?), but “hey soul sister” happens to be one of my very favorite songs (yes, it’s my ringtone).

we knew when we bought tickets  that we would be close, but it wasn’t until we got to the venue and found our section that we realized how close we really were: floor seats just a few rows back! it was perfect as we were close enough to actually see the bands on stage, but not too close to all of the groupies. matt nathanson was the opening show and i didn’t even realize who he was until he started singing his radio hit “come on get higher.” after matt’s set wrapped, the curtain went down in order for the change of bands. aaron and i just assumed that train would be next since it seems like maroon 5 is a bigger name, so we were both really surprised when the curtain rose and adam levine was on stage!

the maroon 5 set was awesome. they sang their new hit “moves like jagger” along with many of the oldies from their first record, including “sunday morning.” (side note: “sunday morning” was our first dance song at our wedding. our actual song was “everything” by michael buble, but aaron convinced me we couldn’t dance to that song since it was so fast – he surprised me at our wedding reception and actually sang “everything” to me – so we decided that the acoustic version of “sunday morning” was the perfect song because we, in fact, got married on a sunday morning.). the train set was equally awesome. they sang many of their old and very well known hits and also delighted the crowd, including yours truly, with “hey soul sister.” it was fantastic.

{matt nathanson}
{me. can you see my earplugs? it’s not that i didn’t want to hear the bands, i just want to be able to hear when i grow up!}
{adam levine & maroon 5}
and because you couldn’t be there, here are two video clips of my favorite two parts of the show to make you feel like maybe you were:
{sunday morning rain is falling…}
{hey soul sister ain’t that mister mister…}

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